Justintimberlake.com, First Impressions

So I finally got to looking around on Justin Timberlake’s official website. As soon as I entered the site I was bombarded with images of JT (obviously) on his various concert tours. Along with his pictures are pictures of his many screaming fans, the majority of them being women. Within the site there a links to tour dates, media, and music. The site also includes news updates on Justin’s tours all over the world as well as his achievements and other projects.

The most important tab, however, is the one called “TN Kids”. This tab is dedicated to all of Justin Timberlake’s fans. This site just recently updated their platform, allowing each JT fan, or TN Kid, to create their own profile and meet other TN Kids. I myself as a TN Kid quickly discovered that there are plenty of opportunities to connect with fellow JT fans through the use of this site. There are multiple forums that cover several topics, from the 20/20 Experience Tour to favorite concerts, even favorite TV/movie appearances. Anyone who is a TN Kid  can create a new topic and post it to the forum page. This section also shows how many replies there are for each topic as well as who was the last person to respond. In addition to forums, fans can write their own blogs from their profiles and have people comment on those as well.

Another cool feature about the site is that fans can send messages to one another, send friend requests, and comment on each other’s profiles. The website actually encourages communication between fellow TN Kids members by providing points as an incentive. For example, I got 1 point just for signing up and an additional 50 points for being a member for 5 days. Other ways to earn points include making friends, posting blogs, and commenting on other people’s blogs. What’s the purpose of these points you ask? I’m not quite sure yet, but my guess is that you can redeem them for exclusive JT merchandise.

A final feature I would like to point out is the contests section under TN Kids. This is another feature given exclusively to those who are members of the TN Kids community. No contests have been posted yet but I’ll be sure to keep on the alert!

Overall, I find this website to be very useful for my ethnographic study. I am curious to see what justintimberlake.com has in store for its fans as the new TN Kid platform slowly begins to unfold.


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