The JT Fam

Today I took a closer look at Justin Timberlake’s fans, the TN kids, or the JT Fam as they like to call themselves (I just discovered that today). It looks like the majority of JTs fans are placed in either two categories. Either they are 1) long time fans that have fallen in love with his music ever since he was in NSYNC/Mickey Mouse Club, or 2) newer fans that started following him after he became a solo artist. Many fans have seen him in concerts numerous times, and some even traveled across the country/overseas just to see him on tour. On the forum page I noticed fans communicating with each other by sharing stories about their concert experiences. One of the forum topics was “What shows has everyone been to already and which ones are you going to in the future?” Under this page, fans were able to share their concert plans. In this way, fans could figure out how many other JT fans were going to the same concert as well as plan to meet up with each other the day of the concert. Many fans also exchanged their contact information, so now JT fans can connect with each other via twitter, Instagram, or Facebook. In this way, JT fans can always stay connected with each other and build friendships from all over the world.


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