Making Friends

I’ve finally started seeing some really good interactions between JT fans! One fan recently posted on the forum saying that he has an extra VIP ticket and would like another TN kid member to accompany him during the concert:

Sat, Oct 25, 2014 at 11:25 AM
Hello my fellow JT & TN-Kids fans!!! I´ve got a VIP-table at the show in Toronto December 10th, but no one to accompany me. So if you, or someone you know, might be interested in having the night of our lives with me, please spread this word around!
I´m traveling from Sweden for a week in Canada, and JT just happened to be there at the same time. (Figure that =o)
Since the VIP-table includes 2 tix, I´m looking for a new friend to have this experience with =o)
(Of course I won´t be asking for any money until we´re there and you have the other ticket in your hand!)
Hoping for some kind of response to this, plz don´t be shy ya´ll lol!

Love, Malin =o)

A few people responded to this post. Unfortunately, none of them are able to go to the concert, but all of them were very supportive of helping him advertise his message better so that more JT fans would notice. For example, one TN suggested that the post be made on twitter so that way the JT fans in the twitter community can see it.

Another TN kid in the forums page suggested creating meeting spots during the concerts for fans to get together and share pictures as well as drinks. Several people have also responded to this forum post of the concerts that they are going to. Some fans even exchanged phone numbers since they felt it would be more private to disclose meeting information via text.

I can’t wait to see how many more fans respond to these posts! It would be interesting to see if the fans actually started meeting each other in person.


The Official Tennessee Kids


While Justin Timberlake fans are called Tennessee Kids, the original Tennessee kids represent the singers, dancers, and band members who perform with Justin at every concert. Not including Justin Timberlake, there are 24 individuals who represent the heart and soul of the 20/20 Experience. While some of them are just there to have a good time and do what they do best, others are aspiring artists themselves. Some JT fans actually follow the other members of the band and support them just as much as they support Justin.

One of the singers on the TN kids, Aaron Camper, has received a lot of love and support from the JT family. He just recently released a new single called “My Heart.” In order to promote his music, Justin Timberlake fans were posting on the forum page telling other fans to download his song on ITunes. Camper himself is promoting his new song by issuing a contest. Fans who download his song and tag him in videos showing him things that they love to do have the chance of getting selected and posted on his website. Winners also get the opportunity to meet him for a Q and A. JT fans jumped at this opportunity and suggested that all TN kids participate in the contest in hopes of meeting a member of the Tennessee Kids. According to these fans, if they can’t meet Justin Timberlake, then meeting a member of his team is the next best thing.

If anyone would like to find out more about the members of the Tennessee Kids, the fan site has a page dedicated to the entire team. Each member’s name is listed along with links to their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Website pages if they have one. Check it out!

Fan Photos

A new forum conversation was started! Thanks to PolishTNKid, fans are now starting to post and share pictures of their 20/20 Experience. This forum was inspired by the pictures posted in the fan reports made by Justin’s team. So far only two TN kid members posted photos. One girl posted photos from one of the concerts she went to, while another girl posted collages she made of Justin Timberlake and his wife, Jessica Biel.  Another fan tried posting pictures but was having difficulty viewing them on the page. Hopefully once more people figure out how to post pictures on the site there will be more photos on the forum page. Here are the photos that have been posted so far!

hi jtfam

Tour Talk

Justin’s final two shows of his 2 year long 20/20 experience tour has been the topic of every one’s conversations on the fan site. Several blog posts were made in the past day in regards to his final show in Las Vegas. Fans were reporting the final tour date for those who were not aware of it and asking others if they were planning on attending the concert. Other fans did not seem to understand how the presale codes work for presale tickets and asked other TN kids how to obtain the codes on the fan site. I guess for those who signed up for the newsletters, finding the codes was easy. For newly registered JT fans, it was more difficult (which I did not understand since Justin’s team posted specific instructions with a link on how to get the codes). Something tells me the fans will be talking about his final show for the next couple of weeks.

Another popular conversation I noticed while on the forum and blog pages was the discussion of JT’s new fall merchandise. Several new T-shirt and hoodie designs, as well as a blanket, are available for purchase. Many people online are debating on whether or not they should get the blanket. It Will be interesting to see who buys one, considering each blanket sells for 90 dollars!!

On a side note: I discovered that non TN kids members still have access to almost everything that a TN kid member has: blog posts, forum conversations between fans, and you can still comment on other people’s posts. The only difference between the two is that non members cannot participate in the contests or make friends with other fans without creating a profile.

Presale Tickets

Being a TN kid has its perks. For Justin TImberlake’s last two shows of his 20/20 experience tour, he is selling tickets at an earlier time for Master Card Holders and for anyone who is registered as a TN kid on his website. The public on-sale begins on friday, october 24th at 10AM, but for TN kid members, the sale begins on tuesday, october 21st at 10AM.

In order to qualify for pre-sale tickets, TN kids members need to opt-in for a presale code. The Justin Timberlake website provides a link where TN kids can “purchase” a presale code (it doesn’t actually cost any money, TN kids just have to add the item to their cart and follow the steps afterwards). This code appears on their account dashboard when they log into their account and look up their user profile. For anyone wishing to get tickets, I strongly suggest becoming a TN kid member! Those who are not registered are not eligible for presale tickets!

TN Kid Support

Over the past few weeks, I have noticed that Justin Timberlake fans are very supportive of each other. Whenever someone posts a picture of a selfie they took with JT or posts a blog about how they got to shake JT’s hand at a concert or got front row tickets, one would think that other JT fans would get jealous. However, the reactions from these fans are quite the opposite. Many JT fans comment on other people’s posts with comments like, “so happy for you!” or “glad to hear you had an awesome experience!” For example, when those two australian girls met Justin Timberlake at the Perth concert, many fans responded with “so happy for you!” and “way to always keep pushing towards your dream!” In fact, one fan was so appreciative of the love and support from other JT fans that he made a blog post about it:

Love this Family.
Tue, Oct 14, 2014 at 4:41 PM By: iheartmusic617
For many years, I had felt left out because I didn’t know a lot of people that love Jt as much as I do. So I just want to thank all the fans that I have met since my tweet was quoted back in June. You all are amazing people and I have never felt so much love than from you.

So here’s to you TN Kids!!! Kudos for being a loving and supportive community. It is no wonder that you call yourselves the JT fam. The fandom is truly one big happy family.

Fansite User Observations

Today I took a look at the different TN kid profiles on the Justin Timberlake website. From what I observed, Justin has fans from all over the world. I found profiles from Mumbai, Australia, Uruguay, Romania, Bosnia, France, and Belgium to name a few. A majority of site users do not have much information on their profiles, but they log on to the site frequently, even if they do not post anything. Some people occasionally reply to questions on the forum page, some post or respond to blogs, and some comment on the random articles/fan reports that are posted under the news section of the fan site. There are a couple of regulars on the site that like to post blogs or contribute to the forums at least every other day. Their admiration for Justin Timberlake clearly shows. Out of these individuals, their posts on instagram and twitter are even more revolved around Justin. One fan in particular either posts pictures of Justin or retweets messages from Justin’s official twitter account every single day.

Out of all the users, very few have a handful of friends listed under their profile. I myself have only 2 friends at the moment. In terms of the amount of time being a member on the site, the longest time anyone has been a member from my observations has been four months. My guess is that because the fan site is relatively new, people are still adjusting to it and how it works. Hopefully within the next week I will start to see more people communicating.

On a side note, I also just recently discovered that there was a TN Kids app! It essentially had the same functions as the fan site, but the fan site is able to do everything that the app did and more, according to the Justin Timberlake website. As a result, the app was taken down from the app store. The website did not say when the app was created or how long the app was available. Maybe now that the app was taken down, fans have no choice but to join the fan site in order to interact with other TN kids. I will keep up with the news updates to see if the site has anything else to say about their growing JT community.

Fan Behavior at Concerts

Thanks to a very interesting (and hilarious) fan post on Instagram, I decided to dedicate this blog post to the way in which Justin Timberlake fans behave at his concerts.

First lets talk about the way they dress. Girls usually like to wear anything with Justin Timberlake’s name or face on it. If it’s not JT gear then it is probably something provocative, either a short skirt or a low cut T-shirt, in hopes of catching the attention of their pop idol. Guys will usually dress on the classier side. They like to take Justin’s “Suit and Tie” to heart and often come to concerts dressed up with bow ties, blazers, or full suits.

In terms of actual behavior, most fans during a Justin Timberlake concert will either be dancing, waving their arms in the air to get Justin’s attention, or singing word for word every song in Justin’s repertoire. Some will bring posters that they made saying things like “It’s my birthday!” or come up with some clever phrase using the lyrics from one of his songs.

One fan in particular, however, decided to express himself in a different way. While most fans like to groove to the music at Justin Timberlake’s concert, this fan thought it was socially acceptable to strip in the audience! This was during Justin’s performance of “Cry Me a River” during his concert in Auckland, New Zealand. My guess is that the music just got to him in such a way that he could not contain himself (or his clothes) and so he decided to take his shirt off.

Thanks to social media, another JT fan standing next to this fine gentleman at the concert decided to record a video of him and put it on instagram. It got so much attention that Justin’s staff noticed it and decided to include it in their social report for Auckland! If anyone would like to see the video, check out the link below:

Sauza 901

Justin has made his own brand of Tequila! Inspired by the craftsmanship of tequila in Jalisco, Mexico, Justin Timberlake created his own tequila called 901. This number is supposed to represent 9:01 PM, the time of day that, according to Justin, is when the evening ends and the night begins. To make his new creation more widespread among his fans, he partnered up with the Sauza tequila companies in Mexico, creating Sauza 901 tequila. Fans can try this tequila at the VIP Sauza lounge at one of his concerts. Those who try it at the concerts are not alone! Justin likes to take a shot while he is at the lounge as well. A few fans on the Justin Timberlake website have mentioned the 901 tequila before. One fan in particular was desperate to find where the drink was sold so she could taste it again.

To find out more about Sauza 901 Tequila, check out their website:

Forum Conversations

I decided to look more into what Justin Timberlake fans were talking about in the forums page. Aside from the personal introductions, sharing of concert experiences/ future concert plans, countdowns until the concerts, and favorite songs, Justin Timberlake fans also like sharing their favorite appearances of Justin on TV or the big screen. Some fans said that they loved watching Justin on SNL, while others said they enjoyed watching him on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon when he performed skits like “History of Rap”. Still others said they enjoyed watching him in films like “Friends with Benefits” and “The Social Network”. While Justin may not have many movie titles, the majority of his TV popularity comes from SNL. In fact, Justin has hosted and performed on SNL a total of five times. It is no wonder that his fans love him for more than just his music.