TN Kids Blogs

Today I did some clicking around the blog section of the justin timberlake website to get a feel for what JT’s fans were talking about.

Some fans just placed shout outs, hoping that one day Justin would notice them. Two girls from Australia took it to the extreme and launched a full out campaign dedicated to getting them to finally meet Justin Timberlake. They even invented their own hashtag called #TakeUsToTimberlake and wrote a letter to Justin, which they posted on their website and gained over 500 views. Their story gained so much popularity on twitter that they eventually got their story published on the front cover of their local paper.

One shout out took a turn on the romantic side. One JT fan is planning on surprising his boyfriend with a ring in an upcoming concert, and he wants Justin to help with the proposal! This fan was so inspired by Timberlake’s love song “Not a Bad Thing” that he figured the perfect way to profess his love to his significant other was through Justin Timberlake himself.

A few fans complained in their blogs about how Justin would not come to visit them in their country. One fan in particular, who was from Athens, Greece, complained that Justin has been all over the world and yet never taken the time to tour in Greece, even though Greece has thousands of JT fans (according to this blogger). Another fan from Madrid also complained that JT had never visited. One blog that I found particularly interesting was a blog post from a JT fan in Iraq, who was saying that he was always a fan of JT but could never get the opportunity to meet him due to the circumstances in his country. Up until this point I didn’t realize just how widespread Justin’s fans were.

Still others would talk about their artwork or poems that they wrote that were dedicated to either Justin and/or his music. One of the most common blog posts were made in regards to concerts people went to and how their experience was. Fans often post introductory blogs about themselves along with any concerts they plan on going to in the future and ask other fellow TN kids to reply if they are going to the same concerts. However, there were some blog posts that were much more serious.

One blog in particular explained how JT’s music changed her entire life. She was first introduced to justin in high school while  he was still in Nsync. Around the same time, she was also diagnosed with a seizure disorder. The medications she was taking changed her entire mood and personality. She felt that the only way she could keep her sanity was to listen to Justin’s music. It turns out that his music was just the medicine she needed.

Based on my blog observations, I realized that Justin Timberlake’s fans love him for more than just his looks. His appearance is only what draws the crowds in. What keeps them going is his music and the way it makes them feel. To some fans, Justin Timberlake made a huge impact on their lives that goes way beyond just some catchy pop tune.


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