The 20/20 Experience


Ever wondered what going to a JT concert would be like? Well wonder no longer. On Justin Timberlake’s website under the news section, anyone (not just TN kid members) can have access to the fan reports put together by both Justin’s team and or  aspiring photographers/journalists (who are JT fans of course) who are handpicked by Justin’s team to go to a concert and observe what it truly means to have the Justin Timberlake 20/20 experience.

The reports I found were very thorough, describing every small detail of the concerts from the opening  act to the closing.

One reporter, a university student, described his experience on the way to the concert in Brisbane. He had to go buy train a total of 2 hours, but he was not alone. By the time he transferred to the second train, he was surrounded by Timberlake fans. Everyone was already singing Justin Timberlake songs as well as some Michael Jackson, and everyone was talking excitedly about how awesome the concert was going to be.

A typical Justin Timberlake concert first starts off with a DJ to get the crowd going. Feel good pop songs from Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, and Earth Wind and Fire are blasted throughout the stadium. Once the show is about to begin, the lights go dark. The entire audience is chanting “Justin! Justin! Justin!” as they are anticipating his appearance. Slowly, the lights begin to shine on the stage. A silhouette of Justin appears, and the crowd goes wild. Justin usually addresses the crowd and receives feedback from thousands of screaming fans. The show can now begin.

Justin likes to start off his concerts with a few throwback songs like “Sexyback”, “Cry Me a River”, and “Rock Your Body”. All of this is done while he is either playing the guitar, dancing with the TN kids (his band), or standing at the microphone. When he wants to take a break from singing, Justin starts playing on the piano. Once the classic songs are over, he smoothly transitions into his newer songs like “Take Back the Night”, “Pusher Love Girl”, and “Not a Bad Thing”.

Midway through the show, Justin starts getting more personal with his fans. A portion of the main stage starts to move as Justin makes his way over to the VIP lounge, called the 901 Tequila Lounge. Bartenders frantically try to clean down the countertops as Justin and the Tennessee Kids make their way over. Once there, they dance up and down the table tops, high -fiving fans and giving out handshakes to others. Justin also took part in the fun by greeting the fans as well. They continue interacting with the audience as they make their way back to the main stage.

Justin usually closes every one of his performances with his biggest single, “Mirrors”. By the end of the song, he makes one last wave towards the crowd, and then both he and the Tennessee Kids disappear under the stage, leaving the audience mesmerized.

Have a good idea of what the 20/20 experience is now? Good! Now get out there and see one for yourself.

Most of the information used in the blog was taken from a few fan reports. Check them out!


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