Site Layout Observations: Users Page

The last time I did an overall observation on the Justin Timberlake website, I seemed to have overlooked an important section under the “TN Kids” tab. The section I’m talking about is “Users”. This section of the site shows all the profile pictures of each and every TN kid who registered on the site. If you move your mouse over one of the pictures, you can see the person’s name, where they’re from, the number of views/points the’ve gotten, the number of posts on the site, and the number of friends they have. When you click on that person, you are directed to their profile page. On the left hand side of the page, you can see the information posted about the person, any blogs that he or she has posted, and a comment box at the bottom for anyone who wishes to post on their profile. On the right hand side is the person’s picture, their origin, number of points and views, how long they have been a member, and the amount of time since their last login. Directly below that are other links to their various social media accounts (twitter, instagram, etc..) so that other TN kids can follow them on those sites as well. Lastly, their friends list and recent forum activity is listed. Its a lot of information to take in, but it provides a great way for members of the site to look around and find people with similar interests. If you see someone you want to know better, you can send them a message or simply add them as a friend, granted they accept your friend request. Its kind of like Facebook, only with more Justin Timberlake đŸ™‚


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