Not a Bad Love Story

Around february of this year, Justin Timberlake decided to play cupid. With the release of his hit single “Not A Bad Thing,” no one anticipated that the song would become the love anthem of the year. It first began with the release of his music video. It was unlike any other music video, in fact, it was more of a love documentary than a music video. It first describes a romantic story about a couple who got engaged on a Long Island Railroad train just weeks before the video was released. Various stories of different couples are intertwined with the video, but the main focus is on the newly engaged couple. Justin even made it a point to search for this couple in hopes of surprising them. He tried making the search more popular on twitter using the hashtag #haveyouseenthiscouple? To this day I do not think the couple was ever found. However, the search for this couple gave Justin a new idea. Weeks after the original video was released, Justin posted a message to all of his instagram followers asking for them to post a picture of themselves with their significant other and to write a brief description of how they fell in love, making sure to include the hashtag #notabadlovestory.

Thousands of posts were submitted instantly. Justin and his team carefully selected their favorite and most touching posts and included them into what would become the official music video for “Not A Bad Thing”. In addition, he selected a handful of heartfelt love stories and submitted them to his official website for fans to vote on their favorite ones. The winners were announced on the website. Their reward? An autographed vinyl record of his 20/20 Experience album. He even left a note on his website to address all of those who participated:

A note from Justin:

Hi guys,

I want to give a big and heartfelt thanks for everyone who shared their stories of love, watched the video, and liked a favorite #NotABadLoveStory. Because your favorites were so diverse and inspiring each to their own, rather than surprise just one person, I’d like to spread the love as well – so I’ve specially gifted vinyls, signed by me, to your four favorites. I hope they enjoy them!

I have to say, watching all you fans participate and get inspired by love – and by this song – was not just not a bad thing, but in fact, a very, very, very beautiful thing. Thanks again.


I have posted a link below to the website where you can watch the official “Not A Bad Thing” video and see all of the instagram posts that were submitted by couples all over the world.


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