Update: D & T Will Meet JT

Remember those two super fans I mentioned in an earlier blog post who made it their life’s dream to meet Justin Timberlake? well it finally came true. Dominique Condo and Tara Bradley both met up backstage with Justin Timberlake at his 20/20 Experience concert in Perth, Australia on October 8th. Although it was brief, it was an experience they said they would never forget.

It is crazy to think that it all started with a fan letter written to JT. They posted the letter on their website and started campaigning on twitter to get more followers in the hopes that someone in close contact with JT would notice. They even spent 400 dollars each just so they could have early entry into the concert. It is easy to see that these girls did not mess around! Within a matter of 2 weeks, their twitter page @DTwillmeetJT had over 5000 views, gained 135 followers and reached over 150,000 twitter accounts. Their open letter to Justin on their website also got an astonishing 500 views. In fact, their popularity was so great that they were placed on the front cover of their local newspaper. Just 2 days before the perth concert, a report on their campaign in the Sunday Times stated WA state wide media coverage.

While all this social media buzz was going on, the girls decided to do some digging. After several emails, they managed to make contact with his manager and publicist.

The day of the concert, the girls received an email from Justin’s manager just 10 minutes before the show asking where they were standing. The girls responded right away. Within minutes, Justin’s manager, along with two security guards, showed up and escorted them backstage. Here is an excerpt from their blog on the Justin Timberlake website describing their experience meeting JT:

“Justin is very sweet and humble (and obviously very cute!) and he genuinely cares for his fans! We let him know that he has so much support from his 35 million Twitter followers, (including you truly dedicated TNKids) and he was so grateful to hear this. He also said he had heard about our campaign to meet him and that our matching outfits were cool, so we were really happy to hear that! He was happy to pose for a photo with us and for us to give him a hug (Tara went in for the hug straight away but Dominique politely shook his hand and then asked if it was ok to hug him – to which he replied ‘Of course!’).”

Dominique and Tara ended their blog post by thanking all of their twitter followers, as well as their fellow TN kids, for their feedback and support. Without them, the two girls said it would have never been possible to make their dream come true.


Check out Dominique and Tara’s website to see their letter to Justin, media coverage, and more!



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