Fan Behavior at Concerts

Thanks to a very interesting (and hilarious) fan post on Instagram, I decided to dedicate this blog post to the way in which Justin Timberlake fans behave at his concerts.

First lets talk about the way they dress. Girls usually like to wear anything with Justin Timberlake’s name or face on it. If it’s not JT gear then it is probably something provocative, either a short skirt or a low cut T-shirt, in hopes of catching the attention of their pop idol. Guys will usually dress on the classier side. They like to take Justin’s “Suit and Tie” to heart and often come to concerts dressed up with bow ties, blazers, or full suits.

In terms of actual behavior, most fans during a Justin Timberlake concert will either be dancing, waving their arms in the air to get Justin’s attention, or singing word for word every song in Justin’s repertoire. Some will bring posters that they made saying things like “It’s my birthday!” or come up with some clever phrase using the lyrics from one of his songs.

One fan in particular, however, decided to express himself in a different way. While most fans like to groove to the music at Justin Timberlake’s concert, this fan thought it was socially acceptable to strip in the audience! This was during Justin’s performance of “Cry Me a River” during his concert in Auckland, New Zealand. My guess is that the music just got to him in such a way that he could not contain himself (or his clothes) and so he decided to take his shirt off.

Thanks to social media, another JT fan standing next to this fine gentleman at the concert decided to record a video of him and put it on instagram. It got so much attention that Justin’s staff noticed it and decided to include it in their social report for Auckland! If anyone would like to see the video, check out the link below:


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