Fansite User Observations

Today I took a look at the different TN kid profiles on the Justin Timberlake website. From what I observed, Justin has fans from all over the world. I found profiles from Mumbai, Australia, Uruguay, Romania, Bosnia, France, and Belgium to name a few. A majority of site users do not have much information on their profiles, but they log on to the site frequently, even if they do not post anything. Some people occasionally reply to questions on the forum page, some post or respond to blogs, and some comment on the random articles/fan reports that are posted under the news section of the fan site. There are a couple of regulars on the site that like to post blogs or contribute to the forums at least every other day. Their admiration for Justin Timberlake clearly shows. Out of these individuals, their posts on instagram and twitter are even more revolved around Justin. One fan in particular either posts pictures of Justin or retweets messages from Justin’s official twitter account every single day.

Out of all the users, very few have a handful of friends listed under their profile. I myself have only 2 friends at the moment. In terms of the amount of time being a member on the site, the longest time anyone has been a member from my observations has been four months. My guess is that because the fan site is relatively new, people are still adjusting to it and how it works. Hopefully within the next week I will start to see more people communicating.

On a side note, I also just recently discovered that there was a TN Kids app! It essentially had the same functions as the fan site, but the fan site is able to do everything that the app did and more, according to the Justin Timberlake website. As a result, the app was taken down from the app store. The website did not say when the app was created or how long the app was available. Maybe now that the app was taken down, fans have no choice but to join the fan site in order to interact with other TN kids. I will keep up with the news updates to see if the site has anything else to say about their growing JT community.


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