TN Kid Support

Over the past few weeks, I have noticed that Justin Timberlake fans are very supportive of each other. Whenever someone posts a picture of a selfie they took with JT or posts a blog about how they got to shake JT’s hand at a concert or got front row tickets, one would think that other JT fans would get jealous. However, the reactions from these fans are quite the opposite. Many JT fans comment on other people’s posts with comments like, “so happy for you!” or “glad to hear you had an awesome experience!” For example, when those two australian girls met Justin Timberlake at the Perth concert, many fans responded with “so happy for you!” and “way to always keep pushing towards your dream!” In fact, one fan was so appreciative of the love and support from other JT fans that he made a blog post about it:

Love this Family.
Tue, Oct 14, 2014 at 4:41 PM By: iheartmusic617
For many years, I had felt left out because I didn’t know a lot of people that love Jt as much as I do. So I just want to thank all the fans that I have met since my tweet was quoted back in June. You all are amazing people and I have never felt so much love than from you.

So here’s to you TN Kids!!! Kudos for being a loving and supportive community. It is no wonder that you call yourselves the JT fam. The fandom is truly one big happy family.


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