Presale Tickets

Being a TN kid has its perks. For Justin TImberlake’s last two shows of his 20/20 experience tour, he is selling tickets at an earlier time for Master Card Holders and for anyone who is registered as a TN kid on his website. The public on-sale begins on friday, october 24th at 10AM, but for TN kid members, the sale begins on tuesday, october 21st at 10AM.

In order to qualify for pre-sale tickets, TN kids members need to opt-in for a presale code. The Justin Timberlake website provides a link where TN kids can “purchase” a presale code (it doesn’t actually cost any money, TN kids just have to add the item to their cart and follow the steps afterwards). This code appears on their account dashboard when they log into their account and look up their user profile. For anyone wishing to get tickets, I strongly suggest becoming a TN kid member! Those who are not registered are not eligible for presale tickets!


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