Tour Talk

Justin’s final two shows of his 2 year long 20/20 experience tour has been the topic of every one’s conversations on the fan site. Several blog posts were made in the past day in regards to his final show in Las Vegas. Fans were reporting the final tour date for those who were not aware of it and asking others if they were planning on attending the concert. Other fans did not seem to understand how the presale codes work for presale tickets and asked other TN kids how to obtain the codes on the fan site. I guess for those who signed up for the newsletters, finding the codes was easy. For newly registered JT fans, it was more difficult (which I did not understand since Justin’s team posted specific instructions with a link on how to get the codes). Something tells me the fans will be talking about his final show for the next couple of weeks.

Another popular conversation I noticed while on the forum and blog pages was the discussion of JT’s new fall merchandise. Several new T-shirt and hoodie designs, as well as a blanket, are available for purchase. Many people online are debating on whether or not they should get the blanket. It Will be interesting to see who buys one, considering each blanket sells for 90 dollars!!

On a side note: I discovered that non TN kids members still have access to almost everything that a TN kid member has: blog posts, forum conversations between fans, and you can still comment on other people’s posts. The only difference between the two is that non members cannot participate in the contests or make friends with other fans without creating a profile.


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