The Official Tennessee Kids


While Justin Timberlake fans are called Tennessee Kids, the original Tennessee kids represent the singers, dancers, and band members who perform with Justin at every concert. Not including Justin Timberlake, there are 24 individuals who represent the heart and soul of the 20/20 Experience. While some of them are just there to have a good time and do what they do best, others are aspiring artists themselves. Some JT fans actually follow the other members of the band and support them just as much as they support Justin.

One of the singers on the TN kids, Aaron Camper, has received a lot of love and support from the JT family. He just recently released a new single called “My Heart.” In order to promote his music, Justin Timberlake fans were posting on the forum page telling other fans to download his song on ITunes. Camper himself is promoting his new song by issuing a contest. Fans who download his song and tag him in videos showing him things that they love to do have the chance of getting selected and posted on his website. Winners also get the opportunity to meet him for a Q and A. JT fans jumped at this opportunity and suggested that all TN kids participate in the contest in hopes of meeting a member of the Tennessee Kids. According to these fans, if they can’t meet Justin Timberlake, then meeting a member of his team is the next best thing.

If anyone would like to find out more about the members of the Tennessee Kids, the fan site has a page dedicated to the entire team. Each member’s name is listed along with links to their Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Website pages if they have one. Check it out!


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