Finders Keepers!

A few days ago, Justin has announced that he will be having another scavenger hunt during the last leg of the 20/20 experience tour. He posted the announcement in the news section of the fan site a couple days ago. Mysteriously, however, the article was taken down from the site. Fortunately for the fans, enough people noticed the announcement just in time before it was taken down. Now all the fans are talking about how they can’t wait for Justin to tell them more about the scavenger hunt he is preparing for them.

One fan replied:

Yes!! I am so excited and hope that I can find something (with my work schedule) 😦

Another wrote:

Yep. We have a headstart so we know to be on alert lol

Now that the countdown for Justin’s return to the US is finally over, it is only a matter of time before he reveals his big secret.



The fan site has recently announced that they are giving people the chance to not only meet Justin Timberlake, but to be his road manager for the day at his december concert at the Barclays center in Brooklyn, New York. No matter where you are in the world, Justin will fly one fan and a guest to a hotel in New York where they can meet up with him and shadow his road manager. This will give one fan the opportunity to see what it’s like to work with Justin and his crew during his 20/20 Experience tour. In addition, Justin is giving the lucky fan and guest VIP tickets to his show! In order to enter, fans need to go to the link provided and donate money to Musicians On Call, and organization supported by Justin Timberlake that brings live and recorded music to people in hospitals. A handful of fans commented wishing all the fans luck, but still hoping that they were the one fan chosen. They also commented about what a great cause Musicians On Call is and how Justin is such a giving person, which makes the fans love him more. Now fans not only have the concerts to anticipate, but also the lucky winner of the contest!

Europe Music Awards

Justin Timberlake was nominated In the EMA’s for two awards; Best Male and Best Live. Despite the fan site’s effort to gain enough votes, JT did not win in either category. However, the fans did not seem to be complaining. In fact, the fans congratulated One Direction and Justin Bieber for winning. One fan in particular posted a blog directed towards Justin saying that, despite the loss, the JT fam still loves him and supports him every step of the and still considers him the best male singer. In her opinion, the EMA’s do not count. The only thing that JT fans have been counting recently are the days left until Justin’s final concert.

TN Kids Love

I stumbled upon a video that was posted a while ago by JT. The video was made by his fans in order to thank him for being an inspiring and overall amazing artist and individual. The video starts out with a brief clip of Justin during one of his concerts. He is thanking all of his fans for their amazing love and support and telling them that the main reason why he continues to make music is to make people like his fans happy. As a response, the JT family has put together a collection of stories of fans from all over the world, giving Justin a glimpse into each of their lives. Many fans share stories of how they traveled far and wide just to see one of Justin’s concerts, while others show all the new friends they made along the way. Still others show their intense JT merchandise collections or their JT fan artwork. Justin was very touched by this video and responded with this:

Well… This just made my day. Love you guys!


Here is the video:

Meet the TN Kids

dona ivan lyle natalie

Okay, so I feel like I’ve been bringing up the members of the TN kids several times, but that’s only because that’s the only thing that Justin’s fan site has been reporting. It seems like his team is really making an effort to show the fans the people who put their heart and soul into each and every one of Justin’s performances.

So far, the fan site has introduced all of the dancers who make up the TN kids. For each TN kid, there is a picture along with a link to their biography/fan page. Each TN kid went through a Q and A and their responses are shown in each of their bios. Some of the questions asked were things like, How did you get into music/dancing?, First concert?, Biggest influence?,as well as questions about their experiences on tour with Justin Timberlake. The interviews also provide fun facts about each member, such as nicknames, favorite songs, and 3 things they can’t live without while on tour. Each interview takes care not to leave a single detail out in order for the fans to know everything about them.

The fans are actually very supportive of the band members as they are with Justin Timberlake. In the comments section below each interview, fans will post things like “you are such an amazing dancer” or “thank you for your commitment and dedication.” Other fans will follow the members’ instagram pages daily just to watch the videos that they post:

I love Dana and looking forward to her daily videos is a definite highlight in my day, just to see 15 Seconds of the world through Dana’s eyes (and of course the medium of dance!) makes you realise just how much we miss and ignore. (

As the countdown to the last leg of the 20/20 Experience tour continues, the site will begin posting bios on the other members of the TN kids; the singers and the musicians. I’m looking forward to learning more about the band and seeing how many more JT fans show their interest and support.

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JT News, Fan Photo Updates


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In recent JT news, Justin Timberlake posted an article in which he thanks his social reporters for the amazing coverage they did while attending the 20/20 Experience concerts. Aside from thanking them, he also sent each of them autographed vinyls and upgraded each of their concert tickets to VIP.

In anticipation of Justin’s return to the US for the conclusion of his 20/20 experience tour, he and his team have decided to post an article every day about a new member of the official Tennessee Kids, whether they be back up dancers, singers, or instrumentalists.

Remember my post about fan photos? Well I decided to revisit the forum page where it all started and noticed that more people have been responding to the page. One fan had some difficulty in getting the pictures to show up after posting them, but after getting help from other fans, she posted several pictures of her concert experiences. Some photos were pictures of the performances, while others were selfies with a TN kids member or with people that fans met during the concert.

In other JT news, one fan decided to do a blog post based on the baby rumors between Justin Timberlake and his wife, Jessica Biel, and asked for other fans’ thoughts and opinions. Surprisingly, no one responded to her blog post. I thought this would be a very popular topic, but it looks like the fans care more about the concert finale on the way than the baby on the way!