JT News, Fan Photo Updates


* photo from http://justintimberlake.com/news/230463 *

In recent JT news, Justin Timberlake posted an article in which he thanks his social reporters for the amazing coverage they did while attending the 20/20 Experience concerts. Aside from thanking them, he also sent each of them autographed vinyls and upgraded each of their concert tickets to VIP.

In anticipation of Justin’s return to the US for the conclusion of his 20/20 experience tour, he and his team have decided to post an article every day about a new member of the official Tennessee Kids, whether they be back up dancers, singers, or instrumentalists.

Remember my post about fan photos? Well I decided to revisit the forum page where it all started and noticed that more people have been responding to the page. One fan had some difficulty in getting the pictures to show up after posting them, but after getting help from other fans, she posted several pictures of her concert experiences. Some photos were pictures of the performances, while others were selfies with a TN kids member or with people that fans met during the concert.

In other JT news, one fan decided to do a blog post based on the baby rumors between Justin Timberlake and his wife, Jessica Biel, and asked for other fans’ thoughts and opinions. Surprisingly, no one responded to her blog post. I thought this would be a very popular topic, but it looks like the fans care more about the concert finale on the way than the baby on the way!


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