TN Kids Love

I stumbled upon a video that was posted a while ago by JT. The video was made by his fans in order to thank him for being an inspiring and overall amazing artist and individual. The video starts out with a brief clip of Justin during one of his concerts. He is thanking all of his fans for their amazing love and support and telling them that the main reason why he continues to make music is to make people like his fans happy. As a response, the JT family has put together a collection of stories of fans from all over the world, giving Justin a glimpse into each of their lives. Many fans share stories of how they traveled far and wide just to see one of Justin’s concerts, while others show all the new friends they made along the way. Still others show their intense JT merchandise collections or their JT fan artwork. Justin was very touched by this video and responded with this:

Well… This just made my day. Love you guys!


Here is the video:


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