Presale Tickets

Being a TN kid has its perks. For Justin TImberlake’s last two shows of his 20/20 experience tour, he is selling tickets at an earlier time for Master Card Holders and for anyone who is registered as a TN kid on his website. The public on-sale begins on friday, october 24th at 10AM, but for TN kid members, the sale begins on tuesday, october 21st at 10AM.

In order to qualify for pre-sale tickets, TN kids members need to opt-in for a presale code. The Justin Timberlake website provides a link where TN kids can “purchase” a presale code (it doesn’t actually cost any money, TN kids just have to add the item to their cart and follow the steps afterwards). This code appears on their account dashboard when they log into their account and look up their user profile. For anyone wishing to get tickets, I strongly suggest becoming a TN kid member! Those who are not registered are not eligible for presale tickets!


TN Kid Support

Over the past few weeks, I have noticed that Justin Timberlake fans are very supportive of each other. Whenever someone posts a picture of a selfie they took with JT or posts a blog about how they got to shake JT’s hand at a concert or got front row tickets, one would think that other JT fans would get jealous. However, the reactions from these fans are quite the opposite. Many JT fans comment on other people’s posts with comments like, “so happy for you!” or “glad to hear you had an awesome experience!” For example, when those two australian girls met Justin Timberlake at the Perth concert, many fans responded with “so happy for you!” and “way to always keep pushing towards your dream!” In fact, one fan was so appreciative of the love and support from other JT fans that he made a blog post about it:

Love this Family.
Tue, Oct 14, 2014 at 4:41 PM By: iheartmusic617
For many years, I had felt left out because I didn’t know a lot of people that love Jt as much as I do. So I just want to thank all the fans that I have met since my tweet was quoted back in June. You all are amazing people and I have never felt so much love than from you.

So here’s to you TN Kids!!! Kudos for being a loving and supportive community. It is no wonder that you call yourselves the JT fam. The fandom is truly one big happy family.

Fansite User Observations

Today I took a look at the different TN kid profiles on the Justin Timberlake website. From what I observed, Justin has fans from all over the world. I found profiles from Mumbai, Australia, Uruguay, Romania, Bosnia, France, and Belgium to name a few. A majority of site users do not have much information on their profiles, but they log on to the site frequently, even if they do not post anything. Some people occasionally reply to questions on the forum page, some post or respond to blogs, and some comment on the random articles/fan reports that are posted under the news section of the fan site. There are a couple of regulars on the site that like to post blogs or contribute to the forums at least every other day. Their admiration for Justin Timberlake clearly shows. Out of these individuals, their posts on instagram and twitter are even more revolved around Justin. One fan in particular either posts pictures of Justin or retweets messages from Justin’s official twitter account every single day.

Out of all the users, very few have a handful of friends listed under their profile. I myself have only 2 friends at the moment. In terms of the amount of time being a member on the site, the longest time anyone has been a member from my observations has been four months. My guess is that because the fan site is relatively new, people are still adjusting to it and how it works. Hopefully within the next week I will start to see more people communicating.

On a side note, I also just recently discovered that there was a TN Kids app! It essentially had the same functions as the fan site, but the fan site is able to do everything that the app did and more, according to the Justin Timberlake website. As a result, the app was taken down from the app store. The website did not say when the app was created or how long the app was available. Maybe now that the app was taken down, fans have no choice but to join the fan site in order to interact with other TN kids. I will keep up with the news updates to see if the site has anything else to say about their growing JT community.

Fan Behavior at Concerts

Thanks to a very interesting (and hilarious) fan post on Instagram, I decided to dedicate this blog post to the way in which Justin Timberlake fans behave at his concerts.

First lets talk about the way they dress. Girls usually like to wear anything with Justin Timberlake’s name or face on it. If it’s not JT gear then it is probably something provocative, either a short skirt or a low cut T-shirt, in hopes of catching the attention of their pop idol. Guys will usually dress on the classier side. They like to take Justin’s “Suit and Tie” to heart and often come to concerts dressed up with bow ties, blazers, or full suits.

In terms of actual behavior, most fans during a Justin Timberlake concert will either be dancing, waving their arms in the air to get Justin’s attention, or singing word for word every song in Justin’s repertoire. Some will bring posters that they made saying things like “It’s my birthday!” or come up with some clever phrase using the lyrics from one of his songs.

One fan in particular, however, decided to express himself in a different way. While most fans like to groove to the music at Justin Timberlake’s concert, this fan thought it was socially acceptable to strip in the audience! This was during Justin’s performance of “Cry Me a River” during his concert in Auckland, New Zealand. My guess is that the music just got to him in such a way that he could not contain himself (or his clothes) and so he decided to take his shirt off.

Thanks to social media, another JT fan standing next to this fine gentleman at the concert decided to record a video of him and put it on instagram. It got so much attention that Justin’s staff noticed it and decided to include it in their social report for Auckland! If anyone would like to see the video, check out the link below:

Sauza 901

Justin has made his own brand of Tequila! Inspired by the craftsmanship of tequila in Jalisco, Mexico, Justin Timberlake created his own tequila called 901. This number is supposed to represent 9:01 PM, the time of day that, according to Justin, is when the evening ends and the night begins. To make his new creation more widespread among his fans, he partnered up with the Sauza tequila companies in Mexico, creating Sauza 901 tequila. Fans can try this tequila at the VIP Sauza lounge at one of his concerts. Those who try it at the concerts are not alone! Justin likes to take a shot while he is at the lounge as well. A few fans on the Justin Timberlake website have mentioned the 901 tequila before. One fan in particular was desperate to find where the drink was sold so she could taste it again.

To find out more about Sauza 901 Tequila, check out their website:

Forum Conversations

I decided to look more into what Justin Timberlake fans were talking about in the forums page. Aside from the personal introductions, sharing of concert experiences/ future concert plans, countdowns until the concerts, and favorite songs, Justin Timberlake fans also like sharing their favorite appearances of Justin on TV or the big screen. Some fans said that they loved watching Justin on SNL, while others said they enjoyed watching him on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon when he performed skits like “History of Rap”. Still others said they enjoyed watching him in films like “Friends with Benefits” and “The Social Network”. While Justin may not have many movie titles, the majority of his TV popularity comes from SNL. In fact, Justin has hosted and performed on SNL a total of five times. It is no wonder that his fans love him for more than just his music.

Update: D & T Will Meet JT

Remember those two super fans I mentioned in an earlier blog post who made it their life’s dream to meet Justin Timberlake? well it finally came true. Dominique Condo and Tara Bradley both met up backstage with Justin Timberlake at his 20/20 Experience concert in Perth, Australia on October 8th. Although it was brief, it was an experience they said they would never forget.

It is crazy to think that it all started with a fan letter written to JT. They posted the letter on their website and started campaigning on twitter to get more followers in the hopes that someone in close contact with JT would notice. They even spent 400 dollars each just so they could have early entry into the concert. It is easy to see that these girls did not mess around! Within a matter of 2 weeks, their twitter page @DTwillmeetJT had over 5000 views, gained 135 followers and reached over 150,000 twitter accounts. Their open letter to Justin on their website also got an astonishing 500 views. In fact, their popularity was so great that they were placed on the front cover of their local newspaper. Just 2 days before the perth concert, a report on their campaign in the Sunday Times stated WA state wide media coverage.

While all this social media buzz was going on, the girls decided to do some digging. After several emails, they managed to make contact with his manager and publicist.

The day of the concert, the girls received an email from Justin’s manager just 10 minutes before the show asking where they were standing. The girls responded right away. Within minutes, Justin’s manager, along with two security guards, showed up and escorted them backstage. Here is an excerpt from their blog on the Justin Timberlake website describing their experience meeting JT:

“Justin is very sweet and humble (and obviously very cute!) and he genuinely cares for his fans! We let him know that he has so much support from his 35 million Twitter followers, (including you truly dedicated TNKids) and he was so grateful to hear this. He also said he had heard about our campaign to meet him and that our matching outfits were cool, so we were really happy to hear that! He was happy to pose for a photo with us and for us to give him a hug (Tara went in for the hug straight away but Dominique politely shook his hand and then asked if it was ok to hug him – to which he replied ‘Of course!’).”

Dominique and Tara ended their blog post by thanking all of their twitter followers, as well as their fellow TN kids, for their feedback and support. Without them, the two girls said it would have never been possible to make their dream come true.


Check out Dominique and Tara’s website to see their letter to Justin, media coverage, and more!

Not a Bad Love Story

Around february of this year, Justin Timberlake decided to play cupid. With the release of his hit single “Not A Bad Thing,” no one anticipated that the song would become the love anthem of the year. It first began with the release of his music video. It was unlike any other music video, in fact, it was more of a love documentary than a music video. It first describes a romantic story about a couple who got engaged on a Long Island Railroad train just weeks before the video was released. Various stories of different couples are intertwined with the video, but the main focus is on the newly engaged couple. Justin even made it a point to search for this couple in hopes of surprising them. He tried making the search more popular on twitter using the hashtag #haveyouseenthiscouple? To this day I do not think the couple was ever found. However, the search for this couple gave Justin a new idea. Weeks after the original video was released, Justin posted a message to all of his instagram followers asking for them to post a picture of themselves with their significant other and to write a brief description of how they fell in love, making sure to include the hashtag #notabadlovestory.

Thousands of posts were submitted instantly. Justin and his team carefully selected their favorite and most touching posts and included them into what would become the official music video for “Not A Bad Thing”. In addition, he selected a handful of heartfelt love stories and submitted them to his official website for fans to vote on their favorite ones. The winners were announced on the website. Their reward? An autographed vinyl record of his 20/20 Experience album. He even left a note on his website to address all of those who participated:

A note from Justin:

Hi guys,

I want to give a big and heartfelt thanks for everyone who shared their stories of love, watched the video, and liked a favorite #NotABadLoveStory. Because your favorites were so diverse and inspiring each to their own, rather than surprise just one person, I’d like to spread the love as well – so I’ve specially gifted vinyls, signed by me, to your four favorites. I hope they enjoy them!

I have to say, watching all you fans participate and get inspired by love – and by this song – was not just not a bad thing, but in fact, a very, very, very beautiful thing. Thanks again.


I have posted a link below to the website where you can watch the official “Not A Bad Thing” video and see all of the instagram posts that were submitted by couples all over the world.

Scavenger Hunt

Justin Timberlake loves to give back to his fans, and have a little fun with it too. Starting with his Legends of the Summer tour, Justin and his team have been hiding all sorts of JT merchandise in every town he encounters while on tour. In the Legends of the Summer tour, Justin would leave behind a pair of red Nikes signed and worn by him. His Instagram photos would leave  clues as to where each object was left. The first person to find it would get their picture taken and posted on Justin Timberlake’s Instagram account! Here are two examples from Boston and Miami:

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 4.49.18 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 4.47.16 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 4.47.40 PM

During the 20/20 Experience Tour, Justin decided to change it up a little bit and instead leave behind 2 tickets to his show and a signed vinyl of his new album. Check out these lucky winners from Australia!

Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 4.41.37 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 4.44.56 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 4.45.17 PM Screen Shot 2014-10-08 at 4.42.48 PM

Site Layout Observations: Users Page

The last time I did an overall observation on the Justin Timberlake website, I seemed to have overlooked an important section under the “TN Kids” tab. The section I’m talking about is “Users”. This section of the site shows all the profile pictures of each and every TN kid who registered on the site. If you move your mouse over one of the pictures, you can see the person’s name, where they’re from, the number of views/points the’ve gotten, the number of posts on the site, and the number of friends they have. When you click on that person, you are directed to their profile page. On the left hand side of the page, you can see the information posted about the person, any blogs that he or she has posted, and a comment box at the bottom for anyone who wishes to post on their profile. On the right hand side is the person’s picture, their origin, number of points and views, how long they have been a member, and the amount of time since their last login. Directly below that are other links to their various social media accounts (twitter, instagram, etc..) so that other TN kids can follow them on those sites as well. Lastly, their friends list and recent forum activity is listed. Its a lot of information to take in, but it provides a great way for members of the site to look around and find people with similar interests. If you see someone you want to know better, you can send them a message or simply add them as a friend, granted they accept your friend request. Its kind of like Facebook, only with more Justin Timberlake 🙂